beloved by bluboho

dancing flame one-of-a-kind ring - blue oval sapphire


in the flickering glow of candlelight, all is transformed as lovers pause to share a meal and exchange stories from their days. in this carved-out space for romance, love grows brighter— like a dancing flame sheltered in a cupped hand.

inspired by the look of love shining in your beloved’s eyes, this ring celebrates the precious moments we find in our daily rituals. the dancing flame ring features a royal blue oval montana sapphire flanked by an artful flourish of round and marquise white diamonds, representing the everlasting romance of candlelit memories.

one-of-a-kind rings are made in size 6. email us with your desired size. resize turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.

please note that this is a limited edition and one-of-a-kind piece. there is only one of this ring; once it is sold it will no longer be available. one-of-a-kind pieces are final sale.

gold is a precious yet soft metal. to keep your ring at its best for many years to come, follow our guide to fine jewelry care.